• Do you feel like winter is dramatically increasing the heating bill? Local HVAC companies advise on thoroughly checking your home for problems.

    There may be heating issues unnoticed which are lowering the thermal insulation properties of your house or the heating system’s capabilities. Fixing them could give you the comfort you deserve without wasting energy.

    Here are the best tips from expert HVAC technicians.

    Check Doors and Windows for Worn Weatherstripping

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    Doors and windows are the elements where most homes lose heat during the winter. If the weatherstripping is worn out, draft could get inside the house. It often causes owners to turn up their furnace to keep comfy.

    It is also one reason homeowners think their furnace is faulty.

    The weatherstripping should be replaced every few years because of wear. You don’t need to look for local HVAC companies for this task, as you can do it yourself.

    Check for Air Leaks in Ductwork

    The typical house with forced-air heating might lose some of the air which moves through the system to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts.

    It’s not an easy, do-it-yourself task to check all of the ductwork. It’s better to get in touch with one of your local HVAC companies and ask an expert technician to do the check-up.

    The results may either be fixable with no hassle or they may bring to notice a bigger issue. Additionally, the ductwork is usually situated in the attic or crawl space, so it could be hard to reach.

    Tune-Up the Furnace

    It shouldn’t be a tip but more of a recurring task. Almost all local HVAC companies advise on preemptive maintenance. Furnace wear can lead to gas or carbon leaks which may cause health issues.

    The tune-up includes a furnace inspection, preventative maintenance and identifying any issues in need of repairs.

    After the tune-up is completed, you’ll notice the heating system is working with increased efficiency. It usually means less heat will be wasted.

    Search for Local HVAC Companies which Can Replace Old Heating Systems

    There’s no easy way to put it: old heat pumps or furnaces aren’t as efficient as newer models. Most of them consume too much energy and produce less heat than you’d expect. For a homeowner smart about monthly spending, that’s a complete deal-breaker.

    Your best bet is finding the right HVAC technicians to replace your old heating system. During South Carolina’s mild winters, a heat pump system is a very good option for efficient heating. It’s one reason the majority of systems installed in the area are heat pumps.

    Keep in mind one thing: old or new, maintenance is a task which should be carried out twice a year. Not only does it increase the equipment’s lifespan, but your family’s comfort and safety as well.

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