• Heating Maintenance in North Charleston

    When was the last time you had your heating unit checked out? If it’s been a few years, you’ll want to hire a heating and air repair company to come out to your home and take a look.

    Heating maintenance is incredibly important to ensure that you’re not left without warmth in the cold winter months! In Charleston, we may not have the coldest winter ever, but you still want to be prepared. Even 40-50 degrees isn’t something you want to feel inside of your home!

    If heating maintenance seems like just another unnecessary expense to you, learn more about the benefits behind getting your system a checkup.

    At Blake & Sons Heating & Air, we provide heating maintenance to help ensure your heating systems are in tip-top condition and ready for the upcoming season. Contact us online or dial (843) 405-8545 to learn more about our heating maintenance services.

    Benefits of Heating Maintenance Services

    There are many benefits to regularly maintaining your heating unit, especially before the weather turns colder. Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense if your unit is in good shape, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you leave your unit untouched for too long, the repairs when it finally does break down or stop working can be much more costly than merely maintaining it.

    Keeping up with heating maintenance can also extend the life of your unit so that you don’t have to worry about replacing it earlier than should be necessary. When it comes to the cost of maintaining a unit or replacing it with an entirely new one, which sounds better?

    Hiring Blake & Sons Heating & Air to come and check up on your heating unit can also ensure your home’s safety. You’ll rest assured that your heating and air unit is up to standards and won’t cause any issues in your home. For example, some older units can leak carbon monoxide, which can be incredibly dangerous for you and your family. A professional will be able to pinpoint these issues and stop them from happening so that you will be safe.

    You’ll also be much more comfortable in your home when your heating unit works well and runs at full capacity. Regular maintenance helps with its overall efficiency, keeping you warmer at a lower cost during the cold winter months. After all, you don’t want to have to worry about high electric bills to keep you and your family warm! Maintaining your heating and air unit can help keep those manageable.

    Essentially, heating maintenance services help to:

    • Lower repair costs
    • Extend unit life
    • Ensure safety of your home
    • Increase unit efficiency
    • Lower your electric bill

    Let Blake & Sons Heating & Air perform a heating maintenance check up on your heating unit. Whether it’s a furnace, heat pump, or boiler, we’ll keep it running smoothly so that you have one less thing to worry about when it starts getting colder.

    Call us today or contact us online to learn more about the services we offer, and how we can keep your heater working throughout the winter, year after year.