• Heating & Air Services in North Charleston, SC

    Making sure your heating and air unit is in tip-top condition is extremely important. Especially in a location like North Charleston, where we see extreme heat, you don’t want to be stuck without your air conditioning! If you are having any issues with your heating and cooling systems, we’re always available to assist. Blake & Sons Heating & Air is a family owned and operated business in North Charleston, SC, and the premier choice for heating and air in the Charleston area.

    At Blake & Sons Heating & Air, we specialize in servicing heating and air conditioning units in homes across North Charleston. You can rely on us for professional and trustworthy service, as well as top-notch quality of work. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to provide quality service, that we offer a 2-year labor warranty on any replacement when most companies only offer one, and a 1-year warranty on repair parts.

    Contact us online or schedule an appointment now and see why Blake & Sons Heating & Air is a top HVAC service company in North Charleston. Dial (843) 405-8545 today!

    Heating Repair & Services in North Charleston

    The winters aren’t quite as extreme as the summers in North Charleston, but you still don’t want to live without your heating system! Let Blake & Sons Heating & Air come and keep you warm during the cold winter months by repairing and maintaining your heating unit. From gas furnaces to heat pump systems, there’s not a heating system we can’t fix!

    Heating Repair in North Charleston

    Our professional heating repair services include:

    • Furnace repair
    • Heat pump repair
    • And more

    Heating System Installation & Replacement in North Charleston

    Our trained and certified technicians have the proper tools and skills to perform superior heating installation and replacement in North Charleston. When you call Blake & Sons Heating & Air, you can rest assured your new heater will be installed correctly.

    Our techs can also recommend the appropriate heating systems to fit your budget, energy efficiency requirements, and any other criteria that you feel must be met.

    Heating System Maintenance in North Charleston

    How important is a furnace tune-up? Very important. Having your heating system adequately maintained can add years onto its lifespan. Plus, by keeping your heating system in top shape, you’ll save a ton on would-be repairs, and also won’t have to worry about a heating system replacement any time soon.

    Air Conditioning Repair & Services in North Charleston

    In addition to heating repair and services, you can count on our North Charleston HVAC company to provide all your air conditioning services as well.

    Air Conditioner Repair in North Charleston

    We offer same-day North Charleston air conditioning repair. We understand the heat in South Carolina, more than most considering our line of work, and we wouldn’t want to subject anyone to overnights in that heat. It can even be detrimental to your health and your home to spend long periods of time without cool air, so do yourself and your house a favor and call Blake & Sons Heating & Air if your air conditioner goes out or isn’t working as efficiently as it should be! We offer air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement, emergency AC services, and more.

    Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in North Charleston

    When you need a heating system installed quickly and professionally in North Charleston, call Blake & Sons Heating & Air. Our years of experience in the HVAC industry means we’ve installed a variety of different systems from different manufacturers. No matter what sort of unit you need installed, you can count on our HVAC technicians for quality installation services.

    Air Conditioner Maintenance in North Charleston

    Our in-depth AC maintenance services can keep your cooling system running for years to come. Some of the AC tune-up services we provide include:

    • Inspection of the filtration system
    • Blower component adjustment
    • Safety tests
    • Tightening of electrical connections
    • Evaporator coil inspection (if accessible)
    • Lubrication of moving parts where needed
    • And more

    If you and your family need to your air conditioner fixed ASAP, you can count on Blake & Sons Heating & Air. Contact us online, schedule an appointment, or call our office at (843) 405-8545 today!

    Choose Blake & Sons Heating & Air for HVAC Services in North Charleston

    Whether you’re in need of air conditioning repairs or replacement or heating repairs or replacement, Blake & Sons Heating & Air has got your back in North Charleston. We pride ourselves in our work and only work with the best, highly-trained technicians so that we can guarantee that your heating and air unit will be handled with care.

    Be proactive with your heating and air unit and call Blake & Sons Heating & Air for repair and maintenance today. After all, repairing is much better than replacing! Schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained professionals today.