• Heating and Air Repair in Hanahan SC

    Blake and Sons offers comprehensive heating and air services in Hanahan SC. If you need to install a new air conditioning system, if you need heating or ac repair, or if you’re looking for a regular care plan, then just get in touch and we can help!

    Why Heating and Air Matter

    At Blake and Sons, we believe that heating and air are crucial components of a healthy and comfortable home and it is our privilege to be able to look after them for you and your family.

    For starters, the air you breathe can have a huge impact on your health. The right air conditioning system should be able to filter out allergens and toxins while cleaning bacteria but if it has started to deteriorate over time, or if it wasn’t a good system in the first place, then it may no longer be able to do this efficiently.

    What’s more, is that an inefficient air conditioning unit, furnace or boiler will also be more expensive to run. This is why we think everyone should get regular maintenance for their systems to keep them running smoothly and to catch any faults before they manifest into serious problems that are expensive to rectify!

    The worst case scenario is that you’re left without heating or cooling just when you need them. This can not only be expensive to repair but it’s also bad for your health and can even be damaging to your property. If you’re left without heating, it can lead to mold and damp setting in for example. If your walls reach ‘dew point temperature’ then they’ll be very expensive to heat back up again.

    So don’t risk that happening. Use local heating and air companies to make sure that you’re protected and to get the very best installations to begin with!

    Our Services

    We provide the full range of heating and air services throughout Hanahan SC. These include installation, maintenance and repair.

    Installation is for anyone who wants a new heating or cooling system installed in their home. We will offer free consultation to help you find the very best system for your home and will then ensure it is fitted to the highest possible standard. We take great pride in our work and are meticulous with all our installations – that’s why we’re able to offer a 2 year warranty on all new systems.

    Our maintenance services are for those who want regularly servicing for their HVAC systems. We will be round one or twice regularly to test your heating and cooling systems, to clean them and to replace any parts as necessary. All this ensures that they are running as efficiently as possible all year round and the end result is that you have a more comfortable environment, more affordable energy bill and lower risk of failure.

    Finally, our repair services are for those who are caught out. We offer same-day repair, so if your heating or air conditioning has broken, we can usually be there within 24 hours to make sure that it’s up and running again. Don’t risk letting your family sleep in a freezing house: make sure that you keep our number to hand so that you can get back to normal quickly.

    The Blake and Sons Difference

    At Blake and Sons, we take great pride in our friendly, professional and affordable service. You won’t find better value anywhere in Hanahan SC and we’re sure you’ll be blown away by our professionalism, communication and quality of service. We always put the customer first and we won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with our work. We offer a flexible service to suit your specific needs too, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for just get in touch and we’ll do what we can to help.

    Ultimately, our aim is to build lasting relationships with all our clients and to help them feel as though they never need to worry about their heating and cooling again. We believe that keeping your home running as efficiently as possible should be a frictionless experience, so let us handle it and you’ll save money and keep your home comfortable and your air clean!