• HVAC repair

    In the summer season, the ongoing use of AC units becomes a common occurrence which often results in significantly higher power and energy bills.

    With increased AC unit usage comes higher costs and it becomes clear to homeowners choosing the right AC unit along with ensuring proper maintenance is of imperative value.

    Save Money by Following These Important AC Unit Energy Tips:


    1. Protect your investment: Make sure your AC unit is inspected, cleaned, and tuned by a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC professional before the summer season begins. An improperly functioning AC unit will not work to the best of its ability or capacity and will result in expensive power and energy bills.
    1. Check the air filter: Checking the air filter once a month and replacing it as needed will ensure the long-term health of your HVAC system. During the summer months, this is especially critical. When summer rolls around, there is an increase in dust and allergens, which can easily clog up AC units. When this occurs, an AC system will be required to work much harder to supply your home with cool air, thus raising energy costs and overburdening your system. An easy maintenance trick is to use the hose attachment of a vacuum to periodically remove dust build-up. Be sure to do a simple visual check of the AC unit to ensure nothing is impeding the air flow mechanism.
    1. Put it in the shade: Install your AC unit in a shaded area and it will run much more efficiently. Since air in the shade is cooler that the air that surrounds it, the AC will have a much easier time cooling the air.
    1. Keep your thermostat in a cool place: Keep lamps, TV sets, and other appliances which produce heat away from your thermostat. When the thermostat senses increased heat, it will cause the AC unit to run longer than necessary. Be sure to remember to install any new thermostats away from windows or doorways where it will get direct sunlight.
    1. Turn it up: It has been estimated each degree you dial below 78 degrees will increase your energy consumption by 8 percent. Thus, if your monthly bill is $100 you will save $8 monthly for each degree above 78 degrees.
    1. Invest in a programmable or smart thermostat: You can save even more money by using a programmed response, which will automatically adjust your thermostat when you leave for work or vacation. This simple trick can result in significant savings by ensuring your AC unit is not running when no one is present in the home.
    1. Out with the old, in with the new: Consider replacing your old AC system for an energy-efficient model. While they are more expensive, the decision will prove to be worthwhile for you and save you money in the long term. Additionally, there are federal tax credits and competitive pricing to help you absorb the cost.
    1. Weatherize your home: An AC unit is only as efficient as the home in which it is installed, so seal any leaks with caulking and weather-stripping and add insulation around your air conditioning ducts. By making your home energy efficient, you not only save money but also improve the efficiency of your AC unit.
    1. Follow the 2-4 foot rule: Be sure you keep shrubs, trees, plants and other landscaping features 2 to 4 feet away from your outdoor unit to ensure adequate airflow necessary for correct operation of your unit.
    1. Design your landscaping correctly: Landscaping with too much rock, cement, or asphalt located on the south or west sides of the house will increase the temperature around the house and radiate heat.
    1. Remember your ceiling fan: If you switch your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise in the summer, the cool air in your home will be pushed down. The cost to operate a ceiling fan for half a day is approximately $1.50 monthly, versus $25 for an AC unit. Turn off ceiling fans whenever you leave a room. When you shower or bathe, use the bathroom fan to remove heat and humidity from the home.
    1. Windows are important: If you live in a climate where the nights are cooler, turn off your AC system and open your windows while you sleep. When you wake in the morning, simply shut the windows and blinds to capture the cool air. You can also install window coverings which will prevent heat through your windows.
    1. Treat your windows: Keep cool this summer by installing window film or tint in your home. It will keep your house cooler in the summer and reduce your energy bills. Additionally, it will also keep your home warmer in the winter.

    When the summer season comes every year, your AC unit use becomes necessary. Keeping your home and family cool and comfortable at ideal temperatures does not have to be a costly endeavor. By following the simple, time-tested suggestions listed above, you will not only increase the efficiency of your AC unit, but also prolong the life of your investment, saving you money in the process, and ensuring your home will be comfortably cool for years to come.

    Don’t let your home create unnecessary costs and expenses for you by not making the proper investment to create energy efficiency. Start saving money today by calling Blake and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning at (843) 771-0941. They will ensure your family is cool and comfortable, and they always guarantee “The Right Temp at the Right Price.”