• AC Tune Up & Maintenance - Efficient Cooling Year Round!

    You know what they say Charleston – prevention is better than cure! That’s true when you’re trying to prevent yourself from becoming ill and it’s true when you’re trying to keep your home the right temperature too! Professional AC Tune Up & Maintenance is the first line of prevention when it comes to air conditioner failure. The worst strategy is to wait until something goes wrong and then try and get it repaired. If that happens, we’ll come out quickly to get you up and running again; but you’re still going to be left for a few hours in a hot home. AC repair actually costs more than regular ac tune up & maintenance!

    At Blake & Sons, we provide regular, AC tune ups and maintenance in Charleston to make sure your ac systems remain in great working order and running at peak efficiently. We provide service once or twice annually and are very thorough to make sure you’re home is comfortable!

  • Benefits of AC Tune Ups

    Having an air conditioner tune up can prevent failures causing costly repairs and save money at the same time. That means you won’t be in a boiling hot home on a day when you have guests coming to visit and it means you won’t have to have your AC completely replaced right when your finances could do with a break! Guess when your AC is most likely to pack it in? That’s right: when it’s working the hardest! And of course your system works hardest in the extremely hot Charleston Summer. It’s not just bad luck – it makes logical sense that if you don’t maintain your AC, it will fail when you most need it.

    Even when your system seems to be working fine, that doesn’t mean it’s working as well or as efficiently as it could be. Our AC tune up makes sure that your systems are running perfectly and you aren’t spending a small fortune to cool your home in Charleston.

    To summarize, regular AC tune up will:

    • Ensure your equipment lasts longer
    • Reduce your utility bills
    • Reduce the overall cost of repairs
    • Prevent you from being left without air conditioning
    • Ensure your home is as comfortable as possible

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  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Blake & Sons Heating & Air provides routine AC maintenance once or twice yearly for Charleston homeowners. We will arrive just before the change of the season to prepare your system for air conditioning to ensure the system is operating correctly when you need it. Our comprehensive service will include:

    • Inspection of filtration system
    • Blower component adjustment
    • Safety tests
    • Tightening of electrical connections
    • Evaporator coil inspection (if accessible)
    • Lubrication of moving parts where needed
    • Start and run Capacitor readings
    • Freon pressure monitoring
    • Compressor and condenser fan motor amperage and voltage
    • We cover up to 1 lb of Freon per system each visit at no extra cost (R-410A ONLY)
    • Condenser coil cleaning
    • 10% air conditioning repair discounts for current maintenance customers

    Our AC maintenance is incredibly comprehensive and we take what we do very seriously. We are absolutely committed to ensuring you have the cleanest and coolest air all year round, which is why we leave no stone unturned.

  • Our Charleston AC Tune Up & Maintenance Experts Provide:

    • ■ AC Preventative Maintenance

    • ■ Heat Pump Maintenance

    • ■ Home AC Tune Up

    • ■ AC Replacement

    • ■ New Air Conditioner Installation

    • ■ Heat Pump Installation

    • ■ AC Maintenance

    • ■ Mini-Split Air Conditioners

    • ■ AC Tune-Ups

  • If you are in need of Air Conditioning Tune Up & Maintenance Services call 843-303-8328 or schedule online today!